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Rosemary, Rosmarinus officinalis!

This lady is working overtime! Rosemary essential oil, part of the Labiatae botanical family, is often used as an herb for cooking. The aroma of it always reminds me of Thanksgiving, which makes me feel secure and cozy. Aromas and smells are processed through your olfactory system. All the neurons and receptors transmit that information to your limbic system which is the part of your brain that effects your emotions and your responses to sensory information - and, honestly, so much more! For now, let's stick with the basics - a particular smell can conjure up certain emotions.

Rosemary is said to open the conscious mind and to help one focus and to support memory. During Medieval times, sprigs of Rosemary were placed under the pillow to protect against nightmares. It was also burned to protect against the plague.

Personally, I love to diffuse it with Lemon to focus or with Lavender to settle at the end of the day. There are times when we need to buckle down and focus on the the task at hand. Part of focusing is grounding yourself and re-centering. Other than using a tabletop diffuser, you could put it in an inhaler, USB diffuser, car diffuser or direct inhalation straight from the bottle.

Take the time, get to know the oils that call to you because we all benefit in different ways from different oils.

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