Kimberly Snodgrass

Thank you so much for joining me on this journey!

When I celebrated a milestone birthday last year, I decided that I would do the things that I loved.  I would not choose.  My passions were simple, aromatherapy, art and toxin free living.  I absolutely love helping people get educated about eliminating everyday toxins from their homes.  Essential oils are an integral part of my daily life in a way that is very seamless and second nature - aromatherapy is a modality that can benefit all.  And many of my essential oil synergies serve as my muse for my artwork.  

Using essential oils has greatly improved my life.  I have control over what I expose my family to and have a holistic toolbox of oils to assist friends and family in many different areas of need.  Plant based lifestyle options offer all of us a way to correct unhealthy daily habits and rituals. 

I don't want my friends, family, pets or even myself exposed to harmful chemicals when there are simple alternatives.  Many of us expose ourselves to over 300 chemicals before we even have our morning coffee!   Knowledge is power and I hope to infuse you with everything I've learned and also reap the benefits of what you've learned during your journeys.

Currently, I am finishing up courses to become a certified Aromatherapist through The New York Institute of Aromatic Studies.  My goal is to help others and guide them towards a more holistic and chemical free lifestyle.  It's far easier than you think!